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All Content on This Website is strictly for Informational and Educational Purposes. You should not Attempt Using It without Personal Professional Recommendations. Unsupervised or Unwise Use may lead to Severe Complications or Treatment Failure.
This website does not provide any kind of medical advice. Consult with your physician and health care provider before implementing any of these tips or treatment. You should understand that everything provided in the website is only for informational purposes and it will never replace a requirement of the professional advice.

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Author replies to comments are only for informational purposes & public awareness. Do not consider them as personalized opinion from the expert.

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About Website: Healios wound solutions is a one stop solution for all wound related educational information and product and services.


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1. Medical Disclaimer

Purpose of Website: All content on the website has a sole purpose of providing information and educating people about their wounds the treatment option available also treatment recommendation to practitioners, etc., but we do not recommend or provide any medical advice.

We Don’t Advise: Website content does not mean to advise, recommend, treat, or diagnose something. Please do consult with your physician personally before trying anything in sake of that you have read on this website.

We Will Not Be Responsible: We (including author, editor, and other staff of Healios Wound Solutions LLP) will not be responsible for anything wrong happens to you after using the information given on this website without consulting professionals.

Important Points

Treatment and remedies may vary according to disease, health condition, specific symptoms, your body type and various other factors. Therefore, information provided on this website cannot be used without any professional advice. Unsupervised and unwise use can result in severe health hazards and complications or lead to treatment failure.

The information provided on the website is not a substitute or alternative for a professional advice or medical consultation with an expert or doctor.

Healios wound solutions website has no intention to diagnose and treat any ailment. The qualified doctor or healthcare professional can diagnose disease better and provide better treatment accordingly. Therefore, always seek a medical opinion regarding any health condition from medical experts, doctor or other qualified health care providers.

Never rely on information provided on the website regarding health issues. We repeat – this information is only for informational and educational purposes. Seek immediate medical attention for your health condition as soon as possible.

You should never delay seeking help from medical professional regarding your health issue especially because of something that you have read on the website.
Self-medication may be hazardous to health so avoid self-medication. Therefore, consult your doctor for the treatment of diseases.
Healios Wound Solutions website does not recommend any test, any prescription medicine, any doctor, any treatment, any products, or other related information. Therefore, consult a certified doctor regarding these issues.

Your doctor knows better, what will suit you. Therefore, we strictly recommend you to consult your health care provider before using any information for diagnosing or treating any disease.

2. Product Information Disclaimer

We have tried to provide the best information on the products and tried to cover all aspects and user views on the products, but human errors or misinterpretation may be possible.

Author or website is not promoting any product. The articles are only for user information. We never do recommend any product. It is onto you to decide, which product would be better for you. All reviews are for analysis purposes.

In our opinion, before using any new product, please take a professional advice or consult healthcare provider.

3. Disclaimer for Accuracy of Content & Information

Reliance on the content written in Healios Wound Solutions website is solely dependent on you and at your own risk. However, we have seriously taken care of the content accuracy and tried very hard to provide our visitors useful information, but human errors or typos can present on any page of the website. Therefore, we will never be responsible for risk involved. Use this website at your own risk.

If you find any error, typo or mistake, kindly inform us to improve website content. Send us email about any error or mistake as well as for suggestion on CONTACT US PAGE.

4. Comment Disclaimer

Author views, opinions, advice, recommendations etc. in comments & articles are only for informational and educational purposes. He will not be responsible for any harm cause due to them to any reader or website user. Please do consult your local doctor, clinician or concerned professional before following any advice, view, opinion or recommendation.

4.1 Views & Opinions by comment writers

The views and opinions expressed in comments published on Healios wound Solutions solely belong to the comment writers.
These comments do not represent any professional views or opinions of Healios wound Solutions TEAM.

4.2 Comment Reply Disclaimer


We Don’t Recommend: Author, Editor or any team member may reply to the comments and may advise alternative treatments  AUTHOR, EDITOR and Healios wound Solutions will not be responsible for these advices, recommendations & any harm cause to someone due to the use of advices, views or opinions.

Our Replies Are Only For Informing You About POSSIBLE MEASURES: We provide information & we do reply to comment writers to provide information only about the possible measures, treatment. These measures do not mean that you should follow them without taking consultation from professionals.

We Answer Your Questions Only For Your Awareness: Healios wound Solutions website and our team try to bring awareness about wound care treatments. We also reply our visitors when they ask us any question.  Please only consider them as possible measures, not as our recommendations.

You MUST NOT SELF-ADMINISTER any medications. You MUST CONSULT professionals. We always strongly suggest our readers to visit personally to the professional’s workplace, clinic or hospital for getting more details.

Website is For Medical Professionals: Our recommendations, advices, information and responses to comments are merely based to provide information to our doctors, colleagues and students of related to wound care Therefore, we have to answer your queries for the possible treatment options, but it does not means that you should follow these possible measures that we have given in comments. You should consult your doctor personally.

4.3 Approval & Denial of comments

Comment Moderation: Comments need approval before appearing on the website. It is due to avoid spam comments that are being posted by many people all around the world.

Mistakenly Published Comments: Some comments may be automatically posted live on website and we may not have control on them initially. If such comment mistakenly published on the website, we are not responsible for them. Please try to inform us about that comment and we will remove from our website.

Accepted Comment Language: We only allow publishing comments written in ENGLISH.
Right to Remove Comments: Healios wound Solutions reserves the right to take down comments at any time.