FXPro™ Walker

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The FXPro™ Walker is built around an ultra low-profile sole that provides the smoothest possible transition from heel to toe for normal ambulation without stressing the foot and ankle. Spatula stirrups conform to the calf to reduce chafing and the vented liner ensures that your patients stay cooler and dryer.

Circular velcro straps warrent best fit in the leg and are individual adjustable. The rocker sole warrants a physiological correct gait.

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Air traveller size

All dimensions are shown in cm and relate to the insoles.



  •  Acute management of ankle sprains Injuries of the superficial tissues in the lower leg
  • Stress fractures
  •  Fractures in the foot and ankle joint region
  • Fractures in the metatarsal region
  • Achilles tendon injuries
  • Injuries in the forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot region


The FXPro™ is not recommended when sensation in the foot and ankle region is impaired.




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