PegAssist™ Insole Off-loading Insole


The PegAssist™ Insole is built around a multi-purpose removable peg insole that effectively off-loads the plantar aspect of the foot.

Easy removal of individual pegs allows selective off-loading and the Peg Support Board keeps the offloaded area intact.

This insole is constructed of an 18 mm combination of Plastazote®, Poron® and multi-foam to provide the perfect combination of shock absorption and moldability.

For selective off-loading and acute treatments

Right and left fit

Separately available for the following orthopaedic devices:

MedSurg™ Postoperative Shoe
APB® All Purpose Boot
HeelWedge Off-loading Shoe
OrthoWedge® Off-loading Shoe
SlimLine® Cast Boot

Pressure measurement PegAssist™


Neutral                      PegAssist™


Pegs can be removed from specific areas of the insole in order to redistribute pressure. The cardboard cover then stabilizes the off-loading area.



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