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Silver Alginate

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Silver alginate contains antibacterial properties and suitable for exudating infective wounds like burns, diabetic ulcer, venous ulcer, pressure ulcer.

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Alginate dressings are highly absorptive, non-occlusive dressings made of soft, non-woven calcium alginate fibers derived from brown seaweed or kelp. Alginate dressings are available as a primary dressing in pad or rope form. These dressings gel on contact with wound exudate, allowing for a moist wound environment and promoting autolytic debridement.


• Atraumatic removal
• Non-occlusive
• Can be cut to fit
• Can be layered for more absorption
• Bioabsorbable
• Can absorb up to 20 times their weight in exudate


Alginate dressing can absorb up to 12 times its weight of fluid. It can be used in moderately to heavily exuding wound. 
Venous/arterial leg ulcer. 
Diabetic ulcer, pressure ulcer. 
Donor sites, abrasions, lacerations and post-surgical wound.

Alginates that contain silver can be used to manage infected wounds.


Alginate dressings are contraindicated for use on dry eschar, third-degree burns, for surgical implantation, or wounds with heavy bleeding.

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5cmX5cm, 10cmX10cm, 15cmX15cm


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