Softie™ Postoperative Shoe


The DARCO Softie™ Shoe was designed specifically for use after soft tissue procedures or trauma to the foot. This shoe is a very good solution for those looking for a comfortable, low cost, postoperative shoe. The Semi-rigid metatarsal shank provides superior control of forefoot motion to ensure postoperative healing undisturbed. The Tri-laminated upper is made of light weight breathable tricot-foam and comfortably conforms to bony abnormalities. Hook and Loop Straps are easy to fasten and unfasten with one hand.

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Size 1 Med Surg

Size 2 Med Surg
All dimensions are shown in cm and relate to the insoles.

Construction features:

The Tri-laminated upper part is made of light weight breathable tricot-foam.The Rubber sole is made of TPR with shock absorbing effect. The sole profile enables an easier rolling-off movement.


Postoperative stabilization and off-loading pressure e.g. foot osteotomies


Open fractures


Compatible with:

PegAssist™ Insole Off-loading Insoles
for selective off-loading
Body Armor Toe Guard optional available Body Armor® Toe Guard optional available




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