TwinShoe Balance Shoe


The TwinShoe is a matching and height adjusting shoe supplementing our classic product line (listed bottom) and used specifically for clinical care support. Transportation costs for driving to the hospital or to the patient are reduced to a minimum. No more time-intensive applying and removing of height adjustments. DARCO TwinShoe warrants a safe and physiologically correct gait


All dimensions are shown in cm and relate to the insoles.
All dimensions are shown in cm and relate to the insoles.

TwinShoe  Balance Shoe


Balance shoe for postoperative care following forefoot and midfoot surgery.

When prescribing aids which cause a potential difference in leg lengths (such as a forefoot off-loading shoe).

 The TwinShoe helps avoid pelvic tilt and can also be worn outside of enclosed spaces. The length of time this aid is worn depends on the indication.


Open fractures 

Compatible with:

Body Armor Toe Guard optional available Body Armor® Toe Guard optional available
HeelWedge® Heel Off-loading Shoe
OrthoWedge® Off-loading Shoe
Body Armor® Walker II Cast Replacement



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